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Hotel Junior


Make your staying in our hotel unforgettable adventure. Hotel Junior’s unique location allows you different ways to explore the most hidden regions of Mountain Kopaonik. Experience the nature of this area in a completely different way.





Mountain bike cycling along the specially marked "Bike Park" routes can satisfy people less physically fit, as well as more demanding ones. The routes pass through the most beautiful parts of the Kopaonik National Park. A sequence of pastures, moors, little rivers and brooks guarantees an unforgettable experience for anyone who decides to master themselves and Kopaonik this way.



This exciting program consists of training with instructors, getting to know off-road terrain vehicles and off-road driving along routes full of challenges. You will visit all the peaks of Kopaonik and the most beautiful parts of the National Park with an occasional picnic.



Safari tour is all about sightseeing- visiting the peaks of Kopaonik and the most beautiful parts of the National Park, introducing flora and fauna, all through an exciting ride in specially customized off-road vehicles. Recover your lost energy, inhale the freshness of the mountain, raise your adrenaline, engage in a summer adventure that you will remember.



Paragliding is a recreational-competitive sport and one of the easiest and simplest ways to make your dream of flying come true. All you need is good will and a little spare time, and what you get is an opportunity of great adventures, a challenge and a view of the unbelievable beauty of the landscape that you fly over..



Adventure Park consists of a platform in the trees, which are linked by a suspension bridge, cables, vines and networks.Adventure parks are very attractive because they provide the user with adventure and fun, and ask of him for stamina, courage, and skill. It is a blend of adventure and sport.



Bob on the tracks (alpine coaster) is a kind of roller coaster that represents the mountainous summer attraction, but can sometimes be used in winter. This adrenaline content represents a specialized course for a descent through the natural forest environment.



Zip line presents a true adrenaline-filled pleasure ."Fly" from one side to another using a cable, with a special panoramic pleasure.



After a bit more than two months of construction, which was slowed down due to high rainfall in summer, the first artificial ski slope in the region was officially opened on August 25th, 2018. Our announcements on the infoKOP portal and social media have had over half a million views, which speaks as to the skiers’ joy and desire to try out summer skiing. It is our rough estimate that there were about 500 fans of winter sports that morning in Kopaonik. Admittedly, it was very odd at first, and somewhat funny to see the cars full of winter gear and people wearing skis and ski boots in summer time. Having skis and T-shirts on together for the first time in life, brought a euphoric atmosphere during the wait at the opening of the trail. That amount of joy among skiers gave the impression that it was all about a traditional Ski opening.



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  • Walking tour   45 min

Jelovarnik is the highest waterfall in Serbia with a height of 71 meters and it consists of three cascades. It is located in the Kopaonik area Jelovarnik, within the national park, at an altitude of about 1500 meters. It was discovered in 1998 by a team of geologist. Located in a dense forest of beech, spruce and maple, declared a natural reserve, with the surrounding flora and fauna, on an area of cca 57 hectares.

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  • Bus tour   120 min 

In the south of Serbia, lies a first-class natural landmark – Djavolja Varos (”Devil’s Town”). Two rare natural phenomena at the same spot: 202 stone formations created by erosion, between two and 15 meters in height and the middle diameter of under 1 m, topped by stone blocks weighing as much as 100 kg, appear-ing unreal and yet lasting for centuries, and two springs of extremely acid water (pH 1,5) with high mineral content (15 g/l; content of some elements even 1000 times as high as in ordinary drinking waters) make Djavolja Varos a true wonder of nature.

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  • Bus tour   15 min  Walking tour   45 min

Veliko Metodje dates back to the 3rd century and it was built to honor the Olympian Methodius. The Romans built the church, made it of stone, which literally remained as an inheritance to the people from this region. The church has been, recently, reconstructed and rebuilt and now it looks like the church from the Roman time. During the hike, we enjoy unique landscapes, meadows, forests, and rivers. You can also rest and enjoy nature in a number of summer houses situated throughout the route.

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  • Walking tour   30 min

Toplica river originates in the National Park Kopaonik. Its spring is in the Duboka reserve that is also a reserve of the first category. When the day is sunny and nice, in this reserve, you can see a couple of Golden Eagles. Toplica river is named after the hero of Kosovo Cycle, Toplica Milan, who lived in the Toplica region. Toplica is the cold and clean river and in the spring you can drink the water. The spring is located 2 km from the hotel Junior.

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  • Bus tour   50 min 

Lukovska Spa is located in the south of Serbia, on the eastern slopes of Kopaonik Mountain (42 km from hotel Junior). It is located at an altitude of 681 m above sea level which makes it the highest spa in Serbia. Lukovska Spa has a wealth of mineral water springs, the intact nature of the forested Kopaonik Mountain and clean air. It is among the richest in the country regarding the number of mineral water springs (there is more than 28) of varied composition and temperatures (from 28 - 68°C), as well as their combined production (over 100l/s).

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  • Bus tour   15 min  Walking tour   10 min

Next to Veliko Metodje, there is a geyser of cold water that reaches a height of 10 meters, which was dedicated to Despot Stefan Lazarevic. There is a thick deciduous forest and a sight that is really breathtaking. Geyser appeared a few decades ago and it became constant, the amount of water going through it is unchanging.

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  • Walking tour   60 min

Beautiful hiking trail with colorful nature and various forest groups. The part of the trail where is the birch forest will leave you breathless.

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  • Bus tour   40 min 

Vrnjacka Spa is located in central Serbia, at the wooded slopes of Goc mountain, at the altitude of 230m, 60km distanced from hotel Junior. This Queen of Spas has a long tradition both as a tourist and a medical center. It is exactly on this spot of hot mineral spring of Vrnjci, that the Romans had built their center for medical treatment and rehabilitation AQUAE ORCINAEO. Some of the archaeological finds include the swimming pool, the Roman spring of mineral water (Fons Romanus) and a host of coins thrown in the spring as an expression of cult beliefs. Nowadays, Vrnjacka Spa and its surroundings represent the most interesting tourist area in Serbia.

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  • Bus tour   25 min  Walking tour   15 min

Markov Kamen (Marko's rock) is the most beautiful geomorphological natural rarity" of Kopaonik. The groups of oddly aligned or scattered blocks of large-grain granite are like resembling giants turned to stone.

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  • Walking tour   25 min

The Mramor monument here at Brze?e, Serbia commemorates the Battle of Kopaonik. Finding your way to the Mramor Monument complex in Brze?e is a relatively easy endeavor. From the hotel, follow Road 212 south out of town up into the mountains. As you head out of town, after about 1400m, you will approach the top of the pass and see the monument complex readily visible on the right-hand side of the road.

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  • Bus tour   55 min 

Jošanička Banja is situated on the slopes on Kopaonik, in a valley of river Jošanica and it's tributary Samokovka. It lies at the altitude of 550m and it has characteristics climatic sanatorium. The spa has five sources of mineral water, which is among the warmest in the country. The main source provides the 7 liters of water per second and the temperature is 77°C. Other sources have different capacities and temperatures ( from 36 – 75°C). The water of Jošanička spa belongs to the group Hypertherm, containing sodium, potassium, calcium, hydro carbonate, sulfate and fluoride. They are used in medicinal purposes, drinking in combination with hydro-Chinese therapy and medication. Treatment is implemented in the health station, which has modern equipment, a spa bathroom with ten baths and a smaller pool.

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  • Bus tour   45 min  Walking tour   10 min

This medieval fortress was built at an altitude of 920 m. The city is partially preserved and is under the protection of the Republic of Serbia as a cultural monument. There are several legends about Koznik, or as the locals called it, Jerinas City. The best known is that Jerinas building forced upon such labor that even animals had to pull materials and stone, to this ill- accessible hill. Goats were used for transporting construction materials, which is why the city was named Koznik.

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  • Walking tour   30 min

Watermills are the symbol of the area. They are reminiscent of the old days when they were the center of rural gatherings. The path to the watermills is fairly easy to take on. The length of this trail is 2 km.

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  • Bus tour   90 min 

Prolom Spa is located in the South of Serbia, on the slopes of the Radan Mountain. Primarily, it is famous for its healing Prolom Water which belongs to a rare group of waters with high balneological values, such as high alkalinity (pH 8.8-9.2), low mineralization (dry residue 148mg/l) and bicarbonate.

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  • Bus tour   25 min  Walking tour   50 min

Below Pancic Peak, the highest geographical point of Kopaonik Mountain, at an altitude of 1800 meters is located the archeological site of the Seats of Heaven (Nebeske Stolice). You get a great panoramic view of Serbia from this location.

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  • Walking tour   45 min

Malo Metodje, at the base of the rocks where Metodje sanctuary is located, is an ideal picnic spot. The beautiful nature and mountain stream will create unforgettable memories for you.

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  • Bus tour   85 min 

Novi Pazar is a unique multi-ethnic area where Western and Eastern civilizations meet. It is located in southwestern Serbia and it represents the center of the area known as Sandzak. This town is characterized by narrow Ottoman-style alleyways, small shops with their owners sitting in the street all day long observing people, old-fashioned houses with wooden terraces, a small fortress in the city center and numerous mosques that give the city a special, oriental air. On the territory of this city are located Sopocani monastery, Đurđevi Stupovi monastery and the remains of Stari Ras, the first capital of the former Serbian medieval state. Since 1979. the cultural and historical site Stari Ras together with Đurđevi stupovi monastery and Sopocani monastery have been under the protection of UNESCO.