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Hotel Junior


JUNIOR DOO was founded in 1990 under the auspices of the hotel Junior. It was built and managed under the supervision of state authorities, until privatization by Greek companies in 2006. Ever since, significant investments and efforts have been made in the reconstruction of the hotel, as well as in the supplementation and reconstruction of the infrastructure of the 8ha resort, to give the complex its present form. Capital, invested in adequate facilities, as well as adequate, trained manpower, has lead the hotel to excellent occupancy and it became recognizable as one of the best, if not the best destination for sports preparations and go-away-camps for sports in Serbia. Junior is a favorite destination for family vacations as well, with many activities suitable for all ages. Next to sports tourism and family resort, we recognized the need of our business clients to organize their seminars, education and team building activities in a hotel complex that can provide an appropriate working and entertaining atmosphere. Accordingly, to support the workpiece, our facilities, such as meeting rooms and hall for meetings and conferences, has been expanded and improved. As for fun and activities, there are sports fields, hiking trails, paragliding, off-road tours, nature lunches .. If you ask us why we exist, the answer will be - building a name and brand for a hotel is not an easy job, but building a recognizable hotel brand without the help of a destination ... is well worth the recognition.

Junior is not just a hotel, Junior is a destination!




Hotel Junior takes the major part of the building, 2 complete wings with 3 star accommodation. It has spacious rooms as well as economic ones. Also you can choose one of its beautiful apartments.


Guesthouse Junior takes up the third wing of the building, also referred to as wing D. It is groundfloor plus 3 floors. Ground floor is completely renovated and it contains our DeLuxe rooms. On other floors you can find GuestHous Rooms (GH Rooms), they are a clean and modest tipe of rooms of varying sizes.


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